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The Jambon grilled is one of the most popular and appreciated typical products of Aosta Valley.

The inhabitants of Saint-Oyen have never forgotten the traditional recipes of the Middle Ages handed down orally from one generation to another, very valuable processes that require that the thighs are put in brine for a certain period of time, with natural essences, Finally baked in the oven, or roasted, sprinkled with wine and aromas of our land, obtaining a cooked ham, unique.

This delicacy has become, over the years, a typical dish cooked by the families of Saint-Oyen for lunches of great occasions, there is no recipe transcribed over the centuries, ours is a story of oral testimonies transmitted from father to son.

The festival

Since 1968

during the first weekend of August in the municipality of Saint-Oyen, a gastronomic festival is organized to celebrate the "Jambon grilled", the result of the efforts of this small company in the Italian Alps that has resumed and refined the ancient culinary procedures to bring them back to a single recipe to be protected.