Prosciuttificio Gran San Bernardo Prosciuttificio Gran San Bernardo

Saint-Oyen grilled ham



- Raw product’s selection: the fresh thighs are selected according to strict criteria and sanitary and quality controls.

We only select raw products of the highest quality, in order to obtain a meat of high nutritional value from which to obtain an outstanding product.

We only use Italian thighs, in particular pigs born and reared in Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, where heavy pigs are raised, reliable and controlled meat that guarantee a high quality of the product .

Our “Jambon” can be defined as "high quality cooked ham" because the main muscles of the whole thigh are easily identified in the slice and because it has a humidity below 76.5%.

The boning: This operation is performed manually by our specialized personnel and a particular technique.
We trim the thigh in order to refine the aesthetic side, when it comes to taste even the eye wants its share!

The recipe: In order to equilibrate taste and flavor, we choose our local bio products like GENEPY AND MOUNTAIN HONEY because of their unique characteristics that emphasize the FLAVOR OF THIS UNIQUE HAM.

The tying: This processing step is also handmade because it allows the refinement of the TYPICAL CRAFTSMANSHIP FORM.

The cooking: It is our main asset: the ham is steamed for 24 hours with particular features, and then is GRILLED IN A REAL WOOD-FIRED OVEN BUILT ON PURPOSE OF OUR ESTABLISHMENT.

The cooking process is very important in order to obtain all the quality required to respect the history’s product.

In the roasting process we look after every detail : we water up the ham with local craft beer and we select only territorial wood because on this depends the ham’s authentic flavor.

We choose recyclable materials for packaging and following the CE regulations we use as few packaging as possible;

We pay the highest attention both in the production and in the sale to reduce as much as possible the production of waste, in defense of this magnificent territory that hosts us and guarantees a high quality for men and animals.


Patent covers: The St-Oyen grilled ham is already a PAT certified product (traditional food product) of the Aosta Valley, we are working, together with the municipal administration and the "Committee of Jambon Brace Saint-Oyen" to obtain the "PGI" label, which will give a very important added value for this gastronomic excellence - It would become the first IGP cooked ham in Italy.


Ours is a small artisan company based on the processing of products of local culture and linked to the territory of the Aosta Valley, a frontier land between Italy, France and Switzerland, but we look to the future with many ideas to expand our production and make the most of products that are part of our history and our culture.

We were born in this lush valley, for us Quality is also synonymous with respect for the land that hosts us.
We pay the utmost attention to the environmental impact of the plant by making choices that protect the context around us, in particular:
The steam oven is electric so it works by using renewable energy.

All machines are equipped, where possible, with energy recovery ( cold rooms and ovens);
The packaging is made of recyclable materials and follows CE regulations.
We pay the utmost attention in both production and sales to reduce waste production as much as possible.